Friday, March 30, 2012

The Early Brazilian Missions Reunion 2012

From the Brasulista, March 30, 2012

 (Find your mission president on the list below)

The big reunion is today, Friday, and I hope you are planning to be there.  Come early or come late; come when you can, but come. Don’t stay away. Especially you folks who live within 50 miles of Bountiful! Come and meet new folks who share the Brazil mission experience. We also invite and hope to see many Brazilians. (Find your mission president on the list below)

We are honored to have Elder Claudio R. M. Costa of the Seventy and currently President of the Brazil Area, and Elder Stanley G. Ellis of the Seventy, speak at our evening chapel session. THAT EVENING SESSION STARTS AT 6 PM. Come as soon as you can and visit some before the chapel session.

Location:  Bountiful Central Stake Center at 640 South 750 East, Bountiful, UT 84010.

We will begin gathering at noon and some wonderful Brazilian sisters are preparing big pots of feijoada completa to be served beginning at 1 pm.  If you are able to come at that time and enjoy the festivities, and you live in the area, please bring a potluck dish if you are able.

Last name beginning A-H salads; I-Q desserts;  R-Z casserole dishes.  Or whatever. (These do not have to be Brazilian dishes.) Thank you. 

For out-of-towners flying to the reunion, in lieu of a potluck dish, throw some money into the jar.

For the hours between the lunch and the 6 pm chapel session the main activities will be mingling and visiting, but classical guitarist Tom Williams (BSM 68-70) will also be playing Bossa Nova and other Brazilian music for your pleasure, and in another location DVD presentations with photos of Brazil will be showing.   

I have been asked about what to wear.  For the chapel session, chapel worthy clothes.  For the food and festivities in the cultural hall, just dress like it was a wedding reception.  We do not have a room designated for changing wardrobes.

Find your mission president below.  (This is your last chance to find errors in my list and suggest corrections . . . please!)

Brazilian Mission Presidents, 1935 to 1987 period

Brazilian Mission 1935-1969
President Rulon Stanley Howells and Sister Mary Pierce Howells 35-38 and 49-53
President John Alden Bowers and Sister Amelia Pettit Wright Bowers 38-42 
President William W. Seegmiller and Sister Ada Pratt Seegmeiller 42-45
President Harold Morgan Rex and Sister Diania Rex 45-49
President Asael T. Sorensen and Ida Lorene Mason Sorensen BM 53-58 and BSM 59-61
President Wm. Grant Bangerter and Sister Geraldine “Geri” Bangerter 58-63
President Wayne M. Beck and Sister Evelyn Beck  63-66
President Lloyd R. Hicken and Sister Alice Hicken 66-69

Brazil North Mission
President Hal R. Johnson and Sister Virginia Johnson 68-71
President George Oakes and Sister Jeannette Oakes 71-74
President Gustav Salik and Sister Ida Salik 74-75

Brazil Central Mission/South Central Mission/Brazil Sao Paulo South 72-87
President Sherman Hibbert and Sister JoAnn Hibbert 69-72
President David A. and Sister Pat Christensen July-October 1972
President Nelson Baker and Sister Lucille Baker 72-75
President Roger Beitler and Sister Catherine Beitler 75-78
President Wilford Cardon and Sister Phyllis Cardon 78-81
President John H. Hawkins and Sister Rebecca Hawkins 81-84
President Roger Call and the late Sister Janet Call 84-87

Brazil North Central Mission/Brazil São Paulo North 1979-1987
President Leroy Drechsel and Sister Ruth Drechsel 72-75
  (and President of the Brazil Recife Mission, 1986-1987)
President Saul Messias de Oliveira and Sister Elvira Oliveira 75-78
President Harry E. Maxwell and Sister Carol Maxwell 78-81
President Darwin Christenson and Sister Sandy Christenson 81-84
President Robert R. Steuer and Sister Margaret Black Steuer 84-87

Brazil Rio de Janeiro Mission 1975-1987
President Helio da Rocha Camargo and Sister Nair Camargo 75-78
President Max Leroy Shirts and Sister Nell Shirts 78-81
President Danilo Talanskas and Sister Marina Talanskas 81-84 
President Cory Bangerter and Sister Gayle Bangerter 84-87

Brazil South and Porto Alegre Missions 1961 to 1970
President Asael T. Sorensen and Sister Ida Sorensen BM 53-58 and BSM 59-61
President Finn B. Paulsen and Sister Sarah Broadbent Paulsen 61-64
President C. Elmo Turner and Sister Lois Turner 64-67
President Thomas F. Jensen and Sister Sherma Jensen 67-70

Brazil South/Porto Alegre Missions 70-85
President Orson Pratt “Bud” Arnold and Sister Colleen Joy Arnold 70-73
President Lynn A. Sorensen and Sister Janet W. Sorensen 73-76
President Jason Garcia Souza and Sister Lindamir Souza 76-79
President Walter Guedes de Queiroz and Sister Neide Satico Queiroz 79-82
President Osiris Cabral and Sister Ivani Riveira Cabral 82-85

Brazil Recife Mission
President Harry Klein and Sister Maria Moreira Klein 79-82
President Paulo Puerta and Sister Rita Cundari Puerta 82-85

Curitiba Mission
President Duke Cowley and Sister Alice Cowley 80-83
President Jerry F. Twitchell and Sister Patty Lynne Twitchell 83-86

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